GTWS Sierre-Zinal

GTWS Sierre-Zinal: The Kilian & Maude Story

Kilian Jornet and Maude Mathys continued their run of victories on Saturday — the first victory for Jornet in the Golden Trail World Series (GTWS) and the third for Mathys. At the 2021 Sierre-Zinal in Switzerland, fans were greeted with a familiar sight as the homegrown Maude came toward the finish line, doing a short hand walk on the way. Meanwhile, a short time later, Kilian Jornet came barreling toward the finish line to win the men’s race — bagging his ninth win in this race.

What is Heart-Rate Training? A Simple Guide

What is the reason that you run? Is it to have better overall health? Or do you enjoy competition and pushing yourself to do better? Maybe you just run to complement the training you do in other activities? There are many reasons we choose to run, each of them personal. I’m here to tell you that heart-rate training can benefit your running, no matter your goal.

Luxury Races, Are We Serious?

tep over the large rock, barely avoiding hitting your head off the low-hanging tree branch above you. The forest has gone on for the last six miles, and you’re eager to get out. You know you’re close; the forest had been thinning out, signaling that you are close to the edge of it.

Finally, you come bursting out. The sun is beginning to lower in the sky, casting an orange-red hue across the horizon. You look forward, there’s the finish line, your heart leaps for joy. That means that your lodging for the night should be right behind it.

Ah, there it is. A nice luxury tent, five-star chef outside preparing your multi-course meal, your butler is preparing your post-race slippers, and getting your hydrotherapy pool jets set to the perfect pressure to promote recovery.

Wait, what? Do you mean this isn’t like the ultras you’ve run in the past? Oh, well, that’s simple. That’s because you paid less than one percent of the price in the ultra you entered.

When Will Travel Be Back To Normal? Sooner, Rather Than Later

“The world is never going back to 2019. And if the world is never going back to 2019, it means the world of travel is not going back to 2019.” Brian Chesky, CEO/co-founder of Airbnb, said this, but I don’t see it this way. I would say it’s only a matter of time before travel goes back to 2019.

Many experts in the travel industry are predicting a slow return or no return at all. But, with the early signs we have, is that going to be the case?

Trail Shoe Guide

How to Choose the Best Trail Running Shoes: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re new to the trail running scene or not, looking at the amount of shoe and gear offerings can be a bit overwhelming. You have the usual brands that you’re used to seeing — Nike, Adidas, Salomon, etc. But, there are many brands you may never have heard of — Inov-8, La Sportiva, Altra. So what brand has the best trail running shoes?

This guide will answer all the questions you have about the best trail running shoes.

motivate yourself to run

Motivate Yourself to Run: 7 Tips and Tricks

Motivation levels jump up and down more than the stock market. It’s an inevitable part of running. You just finished a race with a personal best, and you’re determined to continue this upward trend. You don’t even have to motivate yourself to run, it’s pushing you out the door.

Then the motivation monster sneaks in and robs you of that fire in your belly. Your world turns cold and gray. Moving your legs to walk around your house seems like a chore, how will you possibly run?!

Ha Long Bay: A Short Holiday

The invaders crept closer and closer to the land. Seeing no other option, the Jade Emperor asked Mother Dragon for help. In a burst of light, the dragons descended from the Heavens and incinerated the invaders – freeing the people of danger. As the dragons did this, they scattered emeralds around the waters, forming islets that would protect against future invasions. Through this origin story, Ha Long Bay was created.

Ways To Save To Travel More in 2022 and Beyond

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems,” a famous philosopher once said. “Mo’ money, mo’ travel,” is a more accurate statement, in my opinion. There’s no way around it, the more money you have, the more that is at your disposal. That doesn’t mean you can’t still travel on a budget and stay in cheaper places. But, still, having extra money on your side is never going to hurt when you’re traveling.

6 Essential Lessons for a Trail Runner

“If you start to feel good during an ultra, don’t worry, you will get over it.” This excellent advice from Gene Thibeault applies to running in general. Right when you think you’ve nailed down your training, you’ll realize you were doing something wrong the entire time, and now you’re paying for it. Luckily, I’ve done all the hardwork for you and can provide a few lessons I’ve learned along the way.

What I Pack When I Travel: The Ultimate Packing List for World Travel

World travel has become as regular to me as ridiculous basketball moves are to the Harlem Globetrotters. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to pick up some tricks of the trade. In particular, I’ve learned very valuable lessons when it comes to what to pack for travel. Packing your bag is one of the most important parts pre-trip, in my opinion. I know my bag has changed a lot since I started, let’s see if yours will as well.