Best Trail Running Shoes for Wide Feet

10 Best Trail Running Shoes for Wide Feet

Written By: author image Kyle Cash
author image Kyle Cash
Kyle is the writer behind The Travel Runner. He’s a full-time traveler and adventurer who’s visited over 20 countries, including places like Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, and Albania.


Find your perfect fit with the 10 best trail running shoes for wide feet. Discover comfort and performance with the best options available!

Ever felt like trail running shoes were designed by someone who’d never seen a human foot before, let alone a wide one? Or that your toes were throwing a party, and somehow the shoes missed the memo?

You’re not alone.

Finding a good pair of trail running shoes is like searching for your keys on a trail. You know the odds are slim, but you’re holding out hope.

But when you have wide feet?

It’s like looking for your keys in the dark. Tight shoes are no fun, and they’re not good for your feet either. Running should be about the joy of the journey, not the pain of pinched toes.

But I’m here to help you find the best wide trail running shoes so you can enjoy your runs again.

Let’s get to finding a shoe!

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    1. Hoka Speedgoat 5

    The Hoka Speedgoat 5 is one of the best trail running shoes for wide feet

    The Speedgoats are already a favorite among the trail running community.

    And while the Speedgoat that comes in a standard width is perfect for those with quite wide shaped feet as it is, it also comes in a wide version! And thanks to a great set of features and tons of comfort, this shoe has spread across the trail community faster than tacos at an aid station.


    Where do I start…

    It’s got a wider toe box. S no more feeling like your toes are in an unwilling game of Twister inside your shoe. In the Speedgoat 5 Wide version, your toes can spread out and play footsie with the shoe’s cushy interior. All while darting over rocks, roots, muddy conditions, and whatever else the trail throws at you. 

    And there’s more!

    Deep down in our hearts, we know a shoe must be more than just a spacious toe box, right?

    The Speedgoat 5 doesn’t disappoint. It’s got an outsole made from Vibram’s mega-grip rubber compound for optimal traction because who wants to slip and slide all over the place?

    No one, that’s who. Moreover, the shoe has a balanced stack height with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop.

    So you get a comfortable ride without sacrificing ground feel. Plus, these babies are cushioned trail shoes, but not to the point where they feel like fluffy clouds strapped to your feet. Just the right amount to provide that sweet, sweet comfort during a long run.

    So let’s recap:

    • Toe Box: Wide, spacious, and freedom-loving.
    • Outsole: Vibram mega-grip rubber compound for ultimate traction.
    • Stack Height: Balanced, with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop.
    • Cushioning: Just enough to be comfortable without feeling like you’re running on marshmallows.

    Not bad in one of the best running shoes, period. Not just best trail running shoe.

    Buy the Hoka Speedgoat 5 here: Men’s | Women’s

    2. Altra Lone Peak 7

    Now let’s talk about the Altra Lone Peak 7.

    Let me tell you, these bad boys have a toe box roomy enough to host a small shoe party. It’s like a five-star hotel for your toes.

    But what truly makes Altras the belle of the ball for wide-footed runners?:

    • FootShape™ Toe Box: The trademark design of all Altra shoes. Its nice and wide design allows your toes to relax, spread out naturally and provide that much-needed balance and stability.
    • MaxTrac™: Grippy on both uphill and downhill trails, even when wet.
    • Balanced Cushioning: Equal support from heel to toe? Yes, please!

    So, what’s the catch?

    Well, they might take a bit of getting used to if you’re new to zero drop shoes. The higher ground feel and less cushioning combine to cause many injuries in new Altra runners. But isn’t that true for any new shoe? Once you break them in, it’s a match made in heaven.

    But, it’s a neutral shoe but is lightweight and a great all round trail shoe.

    So, if you’re a runner with a wide foot who’s tired of playing footsie with a narrow toe box, the Altra Lone Peak 7 is worth a look.

    Or, if you’re trying to save some cash, try out last year’s model, the Altra Lone Peak 6.

    Buy the Altra Lone Peak 7 here: Men’s | Women’s

    3. Brooks Cascadia 17

    I’ve had my fair share of cushioned trail running shoes, but these bad boys?

    They’re like luxury SUVs for your feet. A wide shoe that’s roomy and nimble — these are the trail shoes for the fast runner with feet that demand space. 

    First things first, the toe box.

    Have you ever tried to squeeze your foot into a shoe that’s as cramped as a city apartment? Not pleasant.

    But the Cascadia 17 is the complete opposite. The roomy toe box ensures your feet can spread out naturally, reducing the chance of blisters and discomfort. 

    But what about the trail-specific features?:

    • Midsole Cushioning: The Cascadia 17 comes with proprietary BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning. It’s soft yet responsive, providing a plush ride that adjusts to your stride.
    • Traction: These trail shoes have a rugged outsole built for any terrain. Mud, rocks, roots — you name it. The Cascadia 17 laughs in the face of obstacles. Okay, not literally, but you get the idea.
    • Stability: With the Pivot Post System, these shoes provide stability on uneven surfaces. A stumble here, a wobble there — say goodbye to those with the Cascadia 17!

    Not bad, right? A trail running shoe that’s not afraid to give your wide feet the space they deserve. And it’s packed with features that make trail running a breeze. It’s a workhorse of a trail running shoe.

    What’s not to like? No wonder it’s one of the top picks for folks with wide feet.

    (Like the Altra Lone Peak, you can save money by buying last year’s version, the Brooks Cascadia 16.)

    Buy the Brooks Cascadia 17 here: Men’s | Women’s

    4. Salomon Ultra Glide 2

    Salomon Ultra Glide 2

    No, the Salomon Ultra Glide 2 shoes aren’t designed for superheroes looking to conquer mountains in a single bound.

    Just us ordinary mortals with wider feet who need extra room to wiggle our toes when hitting the trail. 

    And if you’ve tried other Salomon shoes in the past, you’ll be surprised with the Ultra Glide 2. Most Salomon shoes run narrow, but it is a lightweight shoe with the widest toe box I’ve found.

    What makes the Salomon Ultra Glide 2 a must-have for trail shoes for running longer distances? Well, the shoes feature:

    • Roomy Toe Box: If you’ve got feet that take up more real estate than the average, you’re in luck. These shoes have a generous toe box, offering ample room for your little piggies to roam.
    • Comfort: Comfort is king, and the Ultra Glide 2 is its loyal subject. Thanks to its Energy Surge midsole, it provides cushioning that’s like walking on clouds—fluffy, supportive, cloud-like comfort.
    • Breathable upper: Don’t want your feet getting all hot and bothered in your shoes? No worries because the Ultra Glide 2 comes with plenty of breathability for you!

    But hold on a second, let’s not just sing praises without acknowledging the flip side.

    The Ultra Glide 2, while fantastic, might not be the best choice for those extreme, super technical trails. If you’re planning to run up a steep, rocky incline, you might want something with a bit more hardcore protection. You may even want a rock plate to protect your feet from sharp rocks and roots.

    So, in a nutshell, the Salomon Ultra Glide 2 is your trusty partner for those who need a roomy, comfortable shoe with an excellent grip. And if you need a pair of trail running shoes for hiking, it’s are a solid call.

    It’s not for climbing Everest, but it’s perfect for trails that don’t require you to be part mountain goat.

    Buy the Salomon Ultra Glide 2 here: Men’s | Women’s

    5. Nike Pegasus Trail 4

    Nike Pegasus Trail 4

    This shoe has made quite a name among the ‘wide-footed’ runners. 

    The Pegasus Trail 4 offers a toe box that’s like a breath of fresh air. Yes, it’s wide.

    “Can my toes wiggle freely?” I hear you ask.

    The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Your toes won’t feel squeezed into a can of sardines anymore. You can actually enjoy the run without your toes protesting against you every step of the way.

    But it’s not just about the toe box, is it? We’re looking at the whole package. And the Pegasus Trail 4 doesn’t disappoint. It’s got a strong construction, sturdy enough for any terrain. Whether you’re running up a rocky hill or down a sandy beach, these shoes got your back… or should I say, your feet?. 

    And it’s a max cushioned shoe! So it’s comfortable enough to make you forget you’re even wearing shoes.

    Did I mention the traction? You can basically run up a wall with these things. I mean, don’t actually try it, I don’t want to be held responsible. But, the grip is fantastic. Mud, water, loose gravel — the Pegasus Trail 4 takes them all in stride. 

    Basically, the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 meets all the qualifications for a wider fitting shoe.

    So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take your wide feet for a spin in these shoes. 

    Buy the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 here: Men’s | Women’s

    6. Altra Olympus 5

    Altra Olympus 5

    If you’ve got wide feet and love to hit the trails, you might just have found your Cinderella slipper.

    And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good Cinderella story? 

    The Olympus 5 is a real champion when it comes to wide fit trail shoes. This shoe is known for its wide toe box, so your toes won’t feel like they’ve become Siamese twins. The joy of being able to wiggle your toes freely while running? Priceless! 

    It also has a balanced cushioning platform that positions your heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground. Fancy, huh? This encourages better alignment, better form, and a low-impact landing. So, not only do your feet fit well, they feel good, too. 

    And can we talk about the grip on these? The Vibram MegaGrip outsole offers unparalleled traction on both dry and wet terrains. Slipping and sliding on the trail? Not you in these grippy shoes! 

    So, it seems like the Olympus 5 has the full package.

    Roomy toe box? Check.

    Balanced cushioning? Check.

    Great grip? Check.

    If you’ve got wide feet and love to trail run, these just might be the shoes you’ve been dreaming of.

    Buy the Altra Olympus 5 here: Men’s | Women’s

    7. Hoka Challenger 7

    Hoka Challenger 7

    Let me introduce you to the Hoka Challenger 7 (noticing a trend with Hoka shoes?).

    This shoe makes you feel as if it was crafted just for you, your wide feet, and the challenging trails you run on. 

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Another shoe? Really? How different can this one be?” I hear you but stick with me. 

    The Hoka Challenger 7 isn’t just another shoe; it’s the Cadillac of trail running shoes for runners needing a wide and supportive shoe. 

    The first thing that grabs your attention is the ample toe box. I mean, it’s roomy! You know the feeling of your toes splayed naturally, and not feeling like they’re in some sort of foot corset? It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

    Here are some features you’ll like:

    • The large toe box is a paradise of space for your toes to wiggle around. No more squashed pinky toes screaming for mercy every step of the way!
    • The responsive cushioning feels like you’re running on fluffy clouds. Your feet will be thanking you after those long trail runs.
    • Excellent traction is provided by the multi-lugged outsole, ensuring you stay upright when the trail tries to throw you a curveball. Slippery rocks and loose dirt? Bring it on!

    One downside is that some runners find the Hoka Challenger 7 slightly heavier than other trail running shoes. But hey, what’s a few extra grams for comfort? 

    Plus, it’s a small price to pay for a shoe that doesn’t squeeze your feet like a vice.

    Buy the Hoka Challenger 7 here: Men’s | Women’s

    8. Salomon Speedcross 6

    Salomon Speedcross 6

    This shoe is a godsend for trail runners with extra room to spare in the toe area.

    And let me tell you, it’s like letting your feet breathe in the fresh mountain air. But how is this shoe any different than the others on this list?

    Well, let me break it down for you:

    • Toe box: The Salomon Speedcross 6 Wide has a roomy toe box that can easily accommodate a wide and natural foot type.
    • Traction: This shoe’s got grips that could rival a mountain goat’s. It’s perfect for those slippery trails where every step counts.
    • Comfort: With a cushioned midsole, this shoe provides a plush ride that’ll keep your feet cozy and happy, even on the longest, rockiest trails.

    Not too bad, right? The Salomon Speedcross 6: roomy, grippy, and comfy.

    And guess what? Your wide feet deserve nothing less.

    Buy the Salomon Speedcross 6 here: Men’s | Women’s

    9. New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v7

    New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v7

    It’s the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v7 — quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

    But don’t let the fancy name fool you. Just like that weird uncle who insists on using his full title at family gatherings, this shoe is a lot more down-to-earth than it first appears. 

    First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room — or rather, the foam in the shoe. The ‘Fresh Foam’ in its name? It’s not just some marketing gimmick, I promise. This shoe has more cushion than any couch you’ve ever bought.

    “So what,” you might ask.

    Well, let me tell you — it’s like running on a cloud. Imagine slipping your wide foot into a shoe that embraces it rather than squashing it. That’s Fresh Foam for you. 

    But let’s face it — running isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Especially when it comes to trail running, where every step is a brush with the unknown. Name your trail conditions, the Hierro v7 has you covered.

    And the Vibram rubber outsole? It’s like a suit of armor for your feet. Its aggressive lug pattern eats up rough terrain like a kid in a candy store. And, the cherry on top — it provides great traction, even on slick surfaces.

    Is the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v7 a perfect shoe?

    No, of course not — there’s no such thing.

    But for those with wide feet, it’s a pretty darn good fit.

    With a spacious toe box and a fit that doesn’t feel like a boa constrictor has got your foot in a death grip, it’s a step in the right direction.

    Buy the New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v7 here: Men’s | Women’s

    10. Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra

    Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra

    These shoes aren’t just spacious — they’re downright palatial.

    Here’s a bit of what you’ll enjoy:

    1. Supportive and Cushioned: This shoe has cushioning that makes a marshmallow seem hard. Plus, the added support ensures your feet stay comfortable, even on the most rugged of trails.
    2. Durable: The Terrex Speed Ultra doesn’t shy away from rough terrains. These shoes can take a beating and come out looking like they’ve just stepped out of the box.
    3. Grip: With this shoe, you’ll stick to trails like glue to paper. Say goodbye to slipping and sliding.

    But don’t just take my word for it. Try them out for yourself and let your feet decide.

    Doesn’t sound too bad, right? The Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra — the shoe that’s as wide as the smile you’ll have after a long, comfortable run.

    Buy the Adidas Terrex Speed Ultra here: Men’s | Women’s

    What do you think are the best trail running shoes for wide feet?

    We’ve scoured the market, tried on more shoes than a Hollywood celebrity at a red carpet event, and now we’re standing at the finish line.

    But what’s the moral of the story here?

    Is it “size matters?” Or perhaps, “Don’t judge a shoe by its cover?” Nope. It’s simple, really – comfort is king

    When it comes to running, especially trail running, comfort should be your holy grail. No matter how snazzy a shoe looks or how many fancy features it boasts, if it feels like a pint-sized prison for your poor toes, it’s a no-go. 

    And I’ve covered some of the best wide fit trail running shoes here. Each of these options has a roomy toe box, excellent support, and rave reviews from other wide-footed runners. 

    Hopefully, they help you out on your next run!

    If you’re looking for some more shoes, check out the best trail shoes for ankle support.

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