Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

Are Packing Cubes Worth It? [A Quick Guide to Packing Cubes]

Written By: author image Kyle Cash
author image Kyle Cash
Kyle is the writer behind The Travel Runner. He’s a full-time traveler and adventurer who’s visited over 20 countries, including places like Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, and Albania.


Are packing cubes worth it? Learn what they are, how to use packing cubes to maximize space, and if a set of packing cubes really saves space in your suitcase.

I remember the first time I heard about packing cubes.

I stared at them strangely, wondering why anyone would use them. But my curiosity increased, and I bought some to test them out.

Six years and many trips later, I couldn’t imagine traveling without packing cubes. And I recommend them to every traveler I come across as one of my top travel tips. They’re that good.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly why you should start using them for all your trips.

Let’s get started.

    Are packing cubes really worth it?

    Yes, packing cubes really do save space and are an excellent investment if you’re a traveler.

    Packing cubes are small, lightweight, flexible, and fit neatly into your suitcase or backpack like a perfectly crafted jigsaw puzzle to save a bit of space. And they make your travel life far easier.

    By fitting everything into a small cube and then compressing it to a much smaller size, you have much more suitcase space to fit other items you need.

    Packing cubes also help make organization simple. You can easily pack your shirts, pants, and underwear easily into three separate packing cubes. That way, you’re not searching your luggage for what you want. One cube, one purpose. Some people label their cubes, but this is optional.

    Are packing cubes worth it? They save a ton of space, so yes!
    Credit | Chris Waits

    As travelers, we know the feeling of opening your bag at your destination and your items scattered around like they had a fantastic disco while you were traveling. And it’s not fun reorganizing it.

    Well, that’s where packing cubes come in to make your life easier. And best of all, they’re inexpensive pieces to add to your travel gear, so the cubes are worth the money.

    So, when packing cubes really save space, why wouldn’t you use them?

    Regular packing cubes vs. compression packing cubes

    Regular packing cubes are great for keeping your stuff organized and keeping things from bouncing around your luggage.

    You can find plenty on sites like Amazon, and they come in a variety of sets, shapes, sizes, and colors. But they’ll all serve mostly the same purpose.

    However, compression packing cubes take organization up a notch. These cubes not only help you keep everything in its place but also compress items, so you have way more space.

    So, if you’re someone who packs extra or needs help with fitting everything in a smaller bag, compression bags will be great for you.

    How to know if packing cubes are right for you

    In my opinion, every traveler can benefit from packing cubes.

    But some travelers don’t find them helpful, and everything has pros and cons.

    So, here are a few traveler types who benefit from using packing cubes:

    • Business travelers. You don’t have time to fuss with your bag’s organization. Packing cubes take that away, so everything is easily reached during your travels.
    • Adventure travelers. You’re taking a ton of outdoor clothing and gear, so maximizing space in your bag is essential. Packing cubes are a great option to do exactly that.
    • Families. Want to keep all your family members’ clothes organized? Packing cubes help keep everything in the right place as the perfect packing organizers.
    • Backpackers. You already have little space, and every inch counts. Packing cubes make packing that much easier for you, so you can enjoy your trip more and stress less.
    • Weekend warriors. You may only be going for a short trip, but reducing the space that your clothes take up is still essential. Packing cubes can make that easy.

    So, now that we’ve covered who can benefit, let’s look at how to use them 👇.

    How to use packing cubes

    It may sound silly to have to learn how to use packing cubes.

    But there are a few things you want to be aware of before you purchase a packing cube set and start packing your clothes. So, here are my top packing tips:

    • Select the type that suits your needs. Think about the size, material, how many pieces, and how much organization you need.
    • Separate your clothes into categories. Put all the like items together to make packing easier—shirts in one cube, pants in another, underwear and socks, and so on. Adjust to your needs.
    • Roll your clothes. Rolling vs. folding is a huge debate, but rolling has been shown to reduce space and wrinkles. So, roll your clothes and fit them neatly into the cube.
    • Compress the cubes down. This will depend if you bought regular packing cubes or compression cubes. I strongly recommend compression cubes as they save even more space.
    • Place the cubes in your bag. It’s time to pack your cubes. Put the heavier items on the bottom and slowly fill your puzzle with the other packing cubes. Play around with how you fit them in your bag.

    The fun in using packing cubes comes from experimenting with your bag.

    Finding what works best, what can stay in your bag and what should go, and figuring out what’s best for you!

    But by following these simple steps, you’re on your way to saving space in your luggage!

    The best packing cube recommendations

    There are many different types of packing cubes, and all will do mostly the same things.

    You’ll find sets of all small packing cubes and sets of all large packing cubes. You’ll even find sets where it’s a mixture of small ones with one large packing cube.

    So find what suits your needs.

    However, my recommendations are the following three for their quality, features, and price:

    [lasso type=”table” id=”2″ link_id=”2815″]

    Packing cube FAQs

    Are packing cubes better than rolling?

    Rolling and packing cubes will save similar amounts of space.

    However, if you want to improve your space savings, roll your clothing before fitting it into your packing cubes. This will help reduce wrinkles, save more space, and keep everything organized.

    Do packing cubes make luggage heavier?

    Actually, packing cubes are made of lightweight materials, so they only add a little weight to your luggage.

    Packing cubes will only help organize your items and clothing, but they will only add a little weight.

    What can you use instead of packing cubes?

    If you want a Do-It-Yourself Version to use a packing cube, you can use a few different at-home items, such as:

    • Plastic grocery bags
    • Ziploc bags
    • Laundry bag

    How do you use packing cubes with dirty clothes?

    When you arrive at your destination, use your largest packing cube to store your dirty clothes.

    That way, you can hold the most clothing, and it’s easier to transport to do laundry when necessary.

    So, will you use packing cubes to save space?

    Packing cubes aren’t a fix for overpacking, but they can still help you save so much space.

    And when you only have to spend around $20-50 on a set of small packing cubes and large packing cubes, it’s hard to pass up. So, do yourself a favor and let packing cubes save space for you.

    You’ll thank yourself later.

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