5 Reasons to Hike the Treasure Loop Trail Today!

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author image Kyle Cash
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There may not be any treasure in Lost Dutchman State Park, but Treasure Loop Trail 56 is as close as you’ll come!

With a well-marked path, gorgeous views, and mild hills, it’s perfect for solo hikers, couples, or families.

Here are 5 reasons you should hit the Treasure Loop Trail today!

5 Reasons to visit the Treasure Loop Trail today

1. It’s a beautiful trail, perfect for any time of year.

Lost Dutchman State Park is simply beautiful and an underrated state park in the USA.

As you approach the park, you immediately see the towering Superstition Mountains waiting for you. But don’t be put off by the name. These mountains are incredible.

A gorgeous view of the Superstition Mountains from the Treasure Loop Trail

The Treasure Loop Trail covers most of the area in front of the mountains. You get fantastic views along the way. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the mountains, but also turn around and see the far-reaching landscape behind you.

If you squint, you’ll see Downtown Phoenix looking like a set of Lego blocks in the distance.

Mostly, though, you simply appreciate being outdoors.

A landscape view with a woman sitting on a bench in front of it

And you can hike it year-round (with some time adjustments)!

And it never gets colder than 68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it does get very hot during the summer, so you would want to hike in the mornings or evenings to avoid the sun.

But, if you bring plenty of water, avoid the hottest hours of the day, and play it smart, you can still enjoy a beautiful hike!

2. Treasure Loop Trail 56 is a great way to get out and explore!

The great thing about the Treasure Loop Trail is it connects easily to all the other trails in the park.

A sign says Prospector's View Trail Number 57 in front of the Superstition Mountains

You probably won’t even realize it, but you may wander onto another hiking trail anytime. Treasure Loop Trail #56 covers the left side of the park in a short loop back to the parking lot, totaling around 2.4 miles. However, you can continue to hike by continuing:

  • Prospector’s View Trail (.7 miles)
  • Jacob’s Crosscut Trail (.85 miles)
  • Siphon Draw Trail (1.6 miles to the Basin, 2.5 miles to the Flatiron)

So, you have plenty of options!

Here’s a Trail Map of Lost Dutchman State Park to help.

Photo credit: hikearizona.com

For example, the day I visited, I started on Treasure Loop Trail 56, joined the Prospector’s View (#57), then cut across on Jacob’s Crosscut Trail (#58) and rejoined Treasure Trail 56 back to the parking lot.

But you can make any variation you want!

3. The trail is also great for getting some exercise

This trail is excellent for running workouts.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a road runner or a trail runner! The trails are well-groomed and can be great for a crossover day. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, head to the Siphon Draw Trail to add elevation to make it more challenging.

I’m a trail runner, and I loved running these trails.

I can’t wait to get back ASAP.

4. Plenty of sights along the way

Whether you hike or run Treasure Loop Trail 56, you get plenty of beautiful sights.

The cacti in the park grow huge!

Praying Hands Rock, Green Boulder, Saguaro Cacti, and more. It makes for the perfect day hike to enjoy the natural formations of the park. Plus, if you’re like me, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how large the cacti can grow.

Did you know they take almost 80 years to grow arms? Those are some old cacti out there!

5. Avoid the crowds on the Treasure Loop Trail, AZ

Everyone flocks to Camelback Mountain to hike the Cholla Trail and Echo Canyon Trail.

And that means people surround you at almost every step. But that’s not the case on the Treasure Loop Trail.

A landscape close-up of the Superstition Mountains

There were a handful of visitors on the trail during my entire hike. And it’s that way pretty regularly. Because it’s a bit outside the city and doesn’t have the big-name appeal of surrounding areas, it gets overlooked.

But you’ve discovered the treasure, and it’s yours to enjoy.

A few things you should know first

Before you head to the park, geared up and ready, there are a few things to answer first.

How long is the Treasure Loop Trail?

The Treasure Loop Trail is 2.4 miles in total. However, this can be extended with adjoining trails.

Is there an entrance fee to Lost Dutchman State Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee to Lost Dutchman State Park.

The sign for Lost Dutchman State Park at the park's entrance

And it depends on how you’ll use the park. There’s a day-use area, parking area, and also places to camp or stay.

Here’s the fee structure:

  • Daily entrance, weekdays (per vehicle of 1-4 adults) — $7.00
  • Daily entrance, Friday-Sunday & holidays — $10.00
  • Daily entrance, individual/bicycle — $3.00
  • Camping: Rustic, hike-in — $25.00
  • Camping: Non-electric — $25.00
  • Camping: Electric — $35.00
  • Overnight Parking — $5.00
  • Cabins: Standard — $89.00
  • Cabins: Holidays — $129.00

If you want to view more, you can check the Arizona State Parks website.

Also, Lost Dutchman State Park observes the Leave No Trace principles if you’re hiking or staying. So, take your trash in and out and make sure to, well…leave no trace.

Where is Lost Dutchman State Park?

Lost Dutchman State Park is east of Downtown Phoenix.

It’s fairly easy to get to, and you can take Route 60 most of the way. Along the way, you’ll pass through Apache Junction, where you’ll turn to head toward Lost Dutchman State Park.

The official address for Lost Dutchman State Park is 6109 N Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85119.

Are you going to hike the Treasure Loop Trail soon?

The Treasure Loop Trail in Lost Dutchman State Park is a beautiful place to spend a day.

Avoiding the crowds, enjoying nature…and it’s just a short drive from Phoenix.

If you’re in Phoenix, then be sure to check out my Arizona page for some of the best things to do in Arizona. If you like hiking, there’s plenty for you there.

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Kyle is the writer behind The Travel Runner. He’s a full-time traveler and adventurer who’s visited over 20 countries, including places like Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, and Albania.