Layan Trail Loop in Phuket, Thailand

Have I mentioned that Phuket is full of trails? Yes? A couple of times? Well, great. Because I’m back with another trail to get you out, and away from the tourist centers, and into the true beauty of the island. This time, it’s the Layan Trail.

So, this week, I’m bringing you another route that will help you see a different side of the island. This time, we’re heading into the Layan area, which is close to Laguna right near Bang Tao beach/Layan beach.

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Layan Trail Details

This trail is going to start at the Layan police station. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s right at the bottom of the hill if you’re heading north toward Banana Beach and Nai Thon out of the Layan area. If you’re still unfamiliar with it, then it’s near Dream Beach Club and Layan beach.

You usually won’t see many people on this route. If you do, it’s most likely to be one of the farmers working in the area. Other than that, it’s just you and some occasional wildlife—cows, dogs, and the occasional pig.

This route has a lot of scenic changes. One moment you’ll be making your way down a wide dirt path, the trees lining the path like an aircraft marshal. Next, you’re on a piece of singletrack, thick jungle leaves smacking you in the face, and the sun coming through the leaves like laser beams.

Naturally, you have to assume the role of James Bond here and dodge every single one.

It’s a shorter route, but well worth the time invested. Enjoy yourself, and get out there.

Layan Trail Start
The start of the trail is very close to Layan beach and Anantara Resort. The beach is great for a post-workout swim.

Route Details

  • Distance: ~7 kilometers (4 miles)
  • Elevation: ~130 meters (420 feet)
  • Time: 1 – 2.5 hours
  • GPX file

I hope this helps you find and explore more of Phuket while you’re living or staying there. Let me know in the comments how I can better help you find/navigate the trail. And, of course, you can find out more about the trail below.


Wrapping up

If you have any questions about the trail, feel free to comment or contact me personally!

Also, if you love hiking, I’d suggest visiting Koh Samui after Phuket for some more great hiking trails!


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