Kyle Cash

What I Pack When I Travel: The Ultimate Packing List for World Travel

World travel has become as regular to me as ridiculous basketball moves are to the Harlem Globetrotters. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to pick up some tricks of the trade. In particular, I’ve learned very valuable lessons when it comes to what to pack for travel. Packing your bag is one of the most important parts pre-trip, in my opinion. I know my bag has changed a lot since I started, let’s see if yours will as well.

A person reads a book on a subway

My top 10 travel books (as of 2021)

A good travel book can induce wanderlust like your mom’s cooking can induce hunger. Once it’s begun, there’s no stopping it. I can’t think of many things I’d prefer to do than sit in a café, park, my home, or even just a small box in a closet (don’t ask questions), and read a great travel book. The descriptions of the places carry your imagination off on its own world tour. The smells seem to fill your nose as they emanate from the local food stalls. The picturesque mountains, cliffs seeming to shoot up into the clouds. The beautiful, sandy beaches and the waves calmly lapping against the shore. The sprawling cities, their skyscrapers clustered together forming a busy hive of humanity.