UTMB Results 2022: Kilian Jornet and Katie Schide Win

Has the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc come and gone already? It’s time to start the countdown to next year’s UTMB World Series! However, today we have the UTMB results for 2022.

And it was a fantastic race to watch, with lead changes constantly on the men’s side and strong performances throughout the women’s race.

So, let’s get into what happened in UTMB 2022!

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Who won the UTMB 2022? A quick answer

Kilian Jornet and Katie Schide won the men’s and women’s races, respectively. Kilian Jornet set a new course record with a time of 19:49:30.

UTMB race results 2022

UTMB is the Super Bowl of the UTMB races. Fantastic scenery, long distances, and killer climbs.

It’s one of the world’s grandest races in the small town of Chamonix, France. Runners flock to this small town to run the surrounding trails.

The race follows the Tour du Mont Blanc, a 170-kilometer (106 miles) route with 10,000 meters of elevation gain (33,000 feet).

UTMB results 2022 course map

It’s an actual test of trail running grit.

2022 UTMB men’s race

This UTMB race was one of the deepest in history. Featuring runners like Kilian Jornet, Jim Walmsley, Pau Capell (UTMB 2019 winner), Tom Evans, Tim Tollefson, and many more, we knew we were in for a good race.

And the elites came out strong.

The top four remained the same for much of the race’s first half, with Jim Walmsley and Kiilian sticking together to lead. 

However, Tom Evans and Zach Miller wouldn’t be far behind as they continued to chase the lead pack.

However, it wouldn’t hold. Kilian and Mathieu would push the pedal to catch Jim.

Coming out of Champex-Lac, Jim was still in the lead and looking strong. But, some time between leaving Champex-Lac and the next checkpoint, he faced some issues.

And Kilian and Mathieu jumped at the chance.

They would both eventually pass Jim, and both never looked back.

Kilian sped toward the finish, taking the crown AND running under 20 hours.

Mathieu Blanchard would come across in second place less than 10 minutes after Kilian.

Jim Walmsley was holding strong onto third but could not maintain as Tom Evans passed him late in the race to take third place.

Another epic UTMB race in the books and another historic showing by Kilian, setting another course record. One of his many he’s set across his career.

We’re getting a bit spoiled with these.

UTMB results 2022 — men’s

  1. Kilian Jornet (ESP) — 19:49:30 (CR)
  2. Mathieu Blanchard (FRA) — 19:54:50
  3. Tom Evans (UK) — 20:34:35
  4. Jim Walmsley (USA) — 21:12:12
  5. Zach Miller (USA) — 21:27:50
  6. Benat Marmissolle (FRA) — 21:28:14
  7. Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon (FRA) — 21:35:45
  8. Jonas Russi (CHE) — 21:46:16
  9. Robert Hajnal (ROM) — 22:07:58
  10. Thibaut Garrivier (FRA) — 22:09:19

2022 UTMB women’s race

The women’s race was all about Katie Schide. She was in the front for most of the race, occasionally trading places with Marianne Hogan.

But, she’d eventually take full control of first and never looked back.

At one point in the race, she was almost 20 minutes below Courtney Dauwalter’s UTMB 2021 record pace.

And she would continue to lead from the front for the remainder of the race. An absolute masterclass performance in one of the toughest races in the world.

Marianne Hogan wouldn’t be too far behind, though.

As Katie left Vallorcine, Marianne was only 20 minutes behind and giving chase.

But, she wouldn’t be able to maintain it. Katie would continue to push on but at a much slower pace.

And Katie would take the win at UTMB 2022.

Marianne Hogan would follow over an hour later. And Kaytlyn Gerbin would cross 30 minutes after Marianne to round out the top 3.

UTMB results 2022 — women’s

  1. Katie Schide (USA) — 23:15:12
  2. Marianne Hogan (CAN) — 24:31:22
  3. Kaytlyn Gerbin (USA) — 25:07:44
  4. Jocelyne Pauly (FRA) — 26:13:58
  5. Eszter Csillage (HUN) — 26:32:39
  6. Emily Hawgood (ZWE) — 26:37:08
  7. Fuzhao Xiang (CHN) — 27:14:21
  8. Aroa Sio Seijo (ESP) — 27:17:49
  9. Francesca Pretto (ITA) — 27:31:46
  10. Eva-Maria Sperger (GER) — 28:15:29

Who won UTMB 2021?

François D’Haene and Courtney Dauwalter took home first place in the UTMB 2021 race.

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UTMB TDS results 2022

UTMB TDS is the 145 kilometers (90 miles) race of the UTMB series. This race has 9,100 meters of elevation gain (29,855 feet).

TDS course map

Not as famous as the other races, TDS still draws many competitive runners looking to test themselves at a distance just below the UTMB race.

So, let’s see what went down in UTMB TDS 2022.

2022 TDS men’s race

Ludovic Pommeret would take home another win in the UTMB series (adding to an impressive list). 

He didn’t look like a favorite, running around the 25th position for a while. However, near the 100k mark, he would take the lead and run alone for the rest of the race.

And no one else would be close. The second-place runner, Joaquin Lopez, wouldn’t come in until almost an hour after Pommeret, with Elias Kadi following around 15 minutes later to take third overall.

UTMB TDS results 2022 — men’s

  1. Ludovic Pommeret (FRA) — 18:37
  2. Joaquin Lopez (ECU) — 19:32
  3. Elias Kadi (FRA) — 19:49
  4. Martin Kern (FRA) — 20:06
  5. Guillame Beauxis (FRA) — 20:08
  6. Estanislao Rivero (ESP) — 20:21
  7. Sebastien Camus (FRA) — 21:03
  8. Tofol Castanyer (ESP) — 21:07
  9. Jean-Francois Pugin (FRA) — 21:22
  10. Carmelo Gonzalez (ESP) — 22:07

2022 UTMB TDS women’s race

Martina Valmassoi would take the women’s top spot. A unique thing about Martina is that she not only raced the TDS but stayed up-to-date on her social media throughout!


Martina ran a strong race with Claudia Tremps following her closely, doing her best to catch her. Only 10 minutes back at the 100k mark, she would begin to close the gap but ran out of distance to do it.

Katharina Hartmuth would cross the finish line to round out the top 3.

UTMB TDS results 2022 — women’s

  1. Martina Valmassoi (ITA) — 22:42
  2. Claudia Tremps (ESP) — 22:59
  3. Katharina Hartmuth (GER) — 23:22
  4. Julia Rezzi (FRA) — 24:03
  5. Ildiko Wermescher (HUN) — 24:38
  6. Aline Coquard (FRA) — 24:55
  7. Wen-Fei Xie (CHN) — 26:05
  8. Celine Finas (FRA) — 26:28
  9. Stacey Marion (USA) — 27:11
  10. Jessica Marion (USA) — 27:11

UTMB CCC results 2022

The UTMB CCC race is seen as the younger sibling to the larger UTMB race. Crossing 101 kilometers (63 miles) with 6,100 meters of elevation gain (20,000 feet).

CCC course map

This race is one of the favorites of many runners and is a good balance between going fast and maintaining endurance.

So, let’s jump into what happened.

2022 UTMB CCC men’s race

The men’s runners in CCC came out fast and remained that way for the entire race. Petter Engdahl, Andreas Reiterer, and Jonathon Albon set the tempo early and remained with each other for much of the race.

It should also be noted that Jonathon Albon is coming off a notable string of wins, including winning the Marathon du Mont Blanc in the Golden Trail Series a few months back.

So he was a certain favorite.

Although, it was Petter Engdahl who was pushing the pedal consistently, frequently passing through the aid stations just ahead of the other runners.

But, just past the 60-kilometer mark, Petter Engdahl would drop the hammer and distance himself from the rest.

From there, it was a race to see who would place second — Albon or Reiterer.

They would trade places, but Jonathon Albon ultimately came out on top in the battle, crossing the finish line for second place.

Reiterer would follow around seven minutes later.

The story of this race, unsurprisingly, was Petter Engdahl. For the first time ever, a runner raced a sub-10 CCC race. Petter Engdahl crossed in 9:53:02, snagging for course record for himself.

UTMB CCC results 2022 — men’s

  1. Petter Engdahl (SWE) — 9:53:02 (CR)
  2. Jonathon Albon (UK) — 10:16:26
  3. Andreas Reiterer (ITA) — 10:23:16
  4. Jiasheng Shen (10:29:20) — 10:29:20
  5. Peter Frano (SVK) — 10:35:03
  6. Andreu Simon Aymerich (ESP) — 10:40:33
  7. Jean-Phiippe Tschumi (CHE) — 10:46:45
  8. Raul Butaci (ROM) — 10:47:31
  9. Aritz Egea Caceres (ESP) — 10:56:32
  10. Baptiste Chassagne (FRA) — 10:59:55

2022 UTMB CCC women’s race

Blandine L’Hirondel aimed to use the same blueprint for the women’s side. But, her competitors wouldn’t be as close with her racking up a 30-minute lead at one point.

But, Nepalese runner Sunmaya Budha would make a push to catch L’Hirondel.

With each climb and descent, Sunmaya would close the gap between her and Blandine, closing it to as low as two minutes.

But, Blandine had built up too much of a lead and stuck to her game plan. And it worked perfectly.

She’d cross the line, breaking the course record and taking first, with Sunmaya following around five minutes later.

UTMB CCC results 2022 — women’s

  1. Blandine L’Hirondel (FRA) — 11:40:55 (CR)
  2. Sunmaya Budha (NPL) — 11:45:44
  3. Abby Hall (USA) — 12:12:56
  4. Jazmine Lowther (CAN) — 12:19:55
  5. Rosanna Buchauer (GER) — 12:24:25
  6. Henriette Albon (NOR) — 12:35:12
  7. Erin Clark (USA) — 12:40:37
  8. Megan Mackenzie (ZAF) — 12:40:50
  9. Taylor Nowlin (USA) — 12:53:16
  10. Johanna Antila (FIN) — 13:00:00

UTMB OCC results 2022

UTMB OCC is the shorter race of the UTMB series. Spanning 55 kilometers (34 miles) with 3,500 meters of elevation gain (11,480 feet).

OCC course map

Runners come out fast in this race; we usually see course records set often.

With last year’s winners — Blandine L’Hirondel and Jonathan Albon — running different races, there was time for someone new to step to the podium.

2022 OCC men’s race

Manuel Merillas (who’s had a fantastic season this year) won a tightly contested OCC men’s race.

Merillas led for much of the race, especially late before Antonio Martinez pushed to take the lead around the 50k mark. 

But, Merillas would fight back to gain the lead again, securing the spot on the last downhill toward the finish line.

Antonio Martinez would try his best but ultimately finished in second place behind Merillas.

Robbie Simpson would claim third.

OCC results 2022 — men’s

  1. Manuel Merrillas (ESP) — 5:18
  2. Antonio Martinez (ESP) — 5:21
  3. Robbie Simpson — 5:24
  4. Arnaud Bonin (FRA) — 5:29
  5. Nicolas Martin (FRA) — 5:31
  6. Antoine Thiriat (FRA) — 5:36
  7. Martin Demmateis (ITA) — 5:42
  8. Leonard Mitrica (ROM) — 5:42
  9. Andreas Rieder (AUT) — 5:49

2022 OCC Women’s race

Allie McLaughlin led for most of the race before being passed by Sheila Aviles late.

McLaughlin tried to hold on, but Aviles’ pace was too much. Most of the following pack would catch and pass her.

McLaughlin would ultimately drop to sixth place as other runners pushed toward the end.

Sheila Aviles would come through the finish line first, with Nuria Gil and Dani Moreno following for second and third place.

OCC results 2022 — women’s

  1. Sheila Aviles (ESP) — 6:10
  2. Nuria Gil (ESP) — 6:16
  3. Dani Moreno (USA) — 6:17
  4. Kimber Mattox (USA) — 6:22
  5. Toni McCann (ZAF) — 6:24
  6. Allie McLaughlin (USA) — 6:28
  7. Esther Eustache (FRA) — 6:33
  8. Eleanor Davis (UK) — 6:34
  9. Mireia Pons (ESP) — 6:35
  10. Lina El Kott (SWE) — 6:43

The greatest race in ultrarunning!

So that’s all for the UTMB Mont Blanc results! There is still the PTL race. However, that race is still being run and will not be finished until later.

The UTMB race, however, featured another UTMB record and some fantastic UTMB winners.

While we didn’t see the likes of François D’Haene, Xavier Thevenard, Courtney Dauwalter, and more, it was still a fantastic race.

And we saw the usual attrition from the race, as it caused the likes of Mimmi Kotka (3rd in 2021), Scott Hawker (2nd at CCC in 2021), and Aurélien Dunand Pallaz (2nd in 2021) to withdraw early on. 

There’s a reason people call it one of the most difficult races in the world.

So, with another year in the books, I’ll see you back here next year for this epic ultra marathon and the 20th edition!

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