What can I say about the USA?

It’s my home country, which I grew up in and have loved my entire life. But it’s also arguably the place I’ve explored the least.

As of this writing, I’ve visited more countries than states. And most of the states I’ve visited were when I was younger or to only one area. So, needless to say, I’ve got some exploring to do. Luckily, I’ve returned to the USA and can explore more. And I plan to bring you along with me (like I did in Arizona on the Echo Canyon, Cholla, Treasure Loop, and Aspen Loop trails!). I’ll also try to do it in unique ways to give a different method of travel (like traveling out of an Escape Campervan)!

As I explore more, I’ll update this page. I know how much beauty is in this country, and I want to experience it firsthand.

And I hope to one day say I know my home country better than other parts of the world.