Asia is one of the most fascinating continents on the planet.

You’ve got the thousand-year history and deep culture of China, Japan, and Korea. Stunning beaches, idyllic climates, and delicious cuisine of Southeast Asia. And the variety of Western Asia in India, Nepal, and “the Stans.”

Each region offers something different, and it’s up to you how deeply you dive in.

Southeast Asia was the first place I moved abroad and lived for a longer period of time. And it was such an incredible experience that helped me grow as a traveler, but ultimately as a person. But that’s also because it’s such a great place for first-time expats, digital nomads, and backpackers. It’s easy to get around, the people are wonderful, and you can travel for a long time with a small amount of money.

So, this Asia travel guide will help you visit the region and enjoy it to the fullest.

If you don’t see the country you want here yet, be patient with me. There’s not a country I wouldn’t love to visit, and I’ll do my best to cover as many as I can.

For now, I hope to help you plan your perfect trip.

Asia Country Guides

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