Albania is an off-the-radar country…right now.

But, it’s not likely to be that way in the near future. So that means you should get to this Balkan country now.

Albania has loads to do: mountains, beaches, cities, and delicious food. And without all of the crowds! When I visited, most of the major sights had few or no people, which made the experience even better. If you’re looking for beaches, head to the south to Saranda and Ksamil to experience the Albanian Riviera (you can even visit Corfu in Greece). Head to the north to the Accursed Mountains, Theth National Park, or Shkoder for some of the most gorgeous scenery you’ll see in any country. Or, if you want the full city experience, then it’s hard to beat visiting Tirana.

Albania is chock full of surprises. From history to culture to food to nature, it’s hard to top all this small country has. Albania is one of the best countries in Europe to visit right now.

But, as I mentioned, it won’t stay that way for long, so get there fast!

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