I was never into running, let alone a trail running.

I went out for the track team my freshman year in high school, and during the first practice, my coach said to me, “You look like an excellent distance runner.” My blood ran cold. Run distance? I didn’t want to do that. So, on our normal 1-mile run, everyone else ran the out-and-back, and I ran home. Never to go out for the track team again.

It’s ironic that 10+ years on, I’m attempting 100-mile races and running 4+ days a week. But that’s why I want to help others like me. I didn’t understand why people ran, and that led to me not doing it. Once I learned the fun, community, and discipline that came with running, I was hooked. And that’s especially true for trail running.

So, I hope to help others like me. You discovered trail running, and it seems like a great ass time. Simply cruising along dirt trails with nothing but clean air and the crunch under your shoes riles up something inside you

And now you’re addicted. But you’re not sure where to start.

You’ve listened to trail running podcasts, found out how to stay safe on the trails, and even bought some hot new shoes. But where do you go from here?

Well, come along with me, and I’ll help teach what I’ve learned thus far.

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