Observations From a Train in Vietnam

Is that a foot? I think to myself.

I’m not a trained podiatrist or anything, but it did look like a foot.

It poked out from underneath the bench opposite me. Long toenails threatened to cut a nearby backpack open if they came in contact with it.

I nudged my girlfriend, Kaitlyn, and my friend Donovan and pointed to the floor at the rogue body part.

They both grimaced. The corners of their lips furled, their noses lifted, and their eyes squinted in disgust.

“Is that a f—ckin’ foot?” Donovan asked.


Why I Will Return to Vietnam

Vietnam is my favorite country on this planet. I’ve mentioned this repeatedly in past posts. That’s why I was so shocked when I read Nomadic Matt’s post about why he’d never return to Vietnam. The swindling, overcharging, and mistreatment left a bad taste in his mouth.

Admittedly, he’s since adjusted and strongly encourages people to visit Vietnam. It’s always great to keep an open mind to things, even if you had a bad experience the first time.

Yet, his post was still an intriguing read to me. As I read, I tried to square the Vietnam he experienced with the one I experienced when I visited in 2017—a full 10 years after him.

Ha Long Bay: A Short Holiday

The invaders crept closer and closer to the land. Seeing no other option, the Jade Emperor asked Mother Dragon for help. In a burst of light, the dragons descended from the Heavens and incinerated the invaders – freeing the people of danger. As the dragons did this, they scattered emeralds around the waters, forming islets that would protect against future invasions. Through this origin story, Ha Long Bay was created.