UTMB Results 2022: Kilian Jornet and Katie Schide Win

The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc has come and gone already? It’s time to start the countdown to next year’s UTMB World Series! However, today we have the UTMB results 2022.

And it was a fantastic race to watch, with lead changes constantly on the men’s side and strong performances throughout the women’s race.

So, let’s get into what happened in UTMB 2022!

Running Uphill Technique Made Easy (And Why It Helps)

How do you run a hill effectively? Having proper running uphill technique is a fuzzy subject.

For beginning and experienced trail runners, mastering uphill trail running is like playing chess with AI.

As soon as you think you’ve beaten it, it surprises you with a checkmate. And you’re left with your hands on your knees, trying your best to keep your breakfast down.

Running After a Break: Why It’s Difficult and How to Start

You know this feeling. You were in a running groove for a while, and it took nothing to lace up your shoes and head out for a run.

But then you took a break. It may have been an injury, a life event, work, or maybe you got tired of it.

Now, you’re ready to get back into it, but it’s so difficult. You can’t find the motivation you had before.

Going for a run seems like something that should be banned under the Geneva Convention, not something fun.

This is common, and every runner suffers from it.

Golden Trail Series 2022 Preview

It’s an exciting time as the Golden Trail Series returns in 2022. In under two weeks, the top trail runners in the world will toe the line at Zegama to kickstart this year’s edition.

Many of the top names from last year are back, and there is a train’s load of young talent out to prove themselves.

So, what will it be this year? Will the old guard hold on to their dominance, or will there be a newcomer’s face atop the podium this year?

Best Running Shoes Under $100 For Men & Women

Have you heard the news? The Fed is pegging the US Dollar to the average running shoe price! This is great for us because that price continues to rise.

I’m only joking, but the rising cost of running shoes has become a pinch on runners’ wallets, and the search for a great deal has become a science.

The UTMB Races: A Guide to What You Need to Know

The UTMB World Series is the biggest mountain trail race worldwide. Find the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc runner qualifications and more about the UTMB races here!
These trail runners come to run one of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc races. Some of the most difficult trail races in the world.

And it’s a beautiful sight to watch.

Why I Fell in Love with Trail Running

“You hated running. What changed?” I’ve gotten this question multiple times from friends and family. People see me running 5-6 times a week and wonder who the hell this person is and what they did with the real Kyle. In hindsight, for me at least, it’s easy to see why I fell in love with trail running.

The Tortoise and the Hare: The Science of Training Slow

Well, a hare that won the race anyway. As runners, we’re always seeking those slight changes to our routine that will help us get massive results. I’m constantly searching the internet, reading, and listening to podcasts to learn how to run more efficiently.

Most people just want a quick solution. They don’t want to wait for the results to come years down the line. They’re our gains and we want them now!