What Size Backpack for Europe? A Guide to Your Perfect Pack

So, you’ve got a trip to Europe on the horizon, eh? Wondering what size backpack for Europe is best?

I’ve been there. A week before my trip, three backpacks were laid before me. I’m sitting on a chair in front of them like it’s a group interview.

So, what are your qualifications? And why do you feel you’re a fit for my back on an eight-week European trip?

I’ve been in your shoes before.

Can You Bring Portable Chargers on a Plane? [What to Know about TSA and FAA Regulations]

Your phone is dead, and you’re getting on the airline. That’s where a power bank comes in. But can you bring portable chargers on a plane? Get your answer here.
You pick up your portable charger and think, “Can I bring this on the plane?”

It’s a valid question.

After all, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) restricts more items from boarding than a pompous rollercoaster attendant.

So, I went to TSA themselves to find my answer.