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Palcoyo Mountain

Palcoyo Mountain: A Hidden Gem Near Cusco to See Now

A man stood with a llama. Or maybe an alpaca. I’m still struggling to differentiate the two.

He wore a multicolored poncho. Rainbow-colored lines — likely made from llama fur — ran horizontally across his midsection and vertically across his arms.

A pink cap, also lined with various shapes and patterns, sat on his head.

He stood there, posing for pictures for the tourists that trickled by. He and his two llamas smiled graciously in each photo, proud to show off their heritage.

Arequipa in Peru: How to Travel in The White City

I stepped out of the airport after landing in Arequipa in Peru. I breathed in; the cool air filled my nostrils like standing in front of an air conditioner.

The air was thin and noticeably so. With each breath, my lungs only filled to about 80%. I gasped like Spongebob in Sandy’s Dome.

Laguna de Salinas: A Peru Salt Desert You Need to See Now

The van careened around the sharp turn on the bumpy dirt road, the wheels tracing the edge like a five-year-old trying to stay in the lines. I glanced out the window to my left and quickly looked forward again.

If you used this ride as the sole example, you’d have no idea that buses of people visit Laguna de Salinas every day. But, it’s what lies at the end of this terrifying ride that made the cleanup of my underpants well worth it.

The Best of The Travel Runner in 2021

And there it is. The first “official” year of The Travel Runner has come and gone. Although The Travel Runner’s one-year anniversary won’t come until May, I wanted to take the time to show some of the most popular posts from the past year.

Why Every Traveler Should Escape the City and Hit the Trails

Cities are great, but there isn’t much like getting out of the tall buildings and chaos to see the natural side of a country. It’s these lesser-known parts that offer the most authentic side, in my opinion. You learn what the area was like before this massive grid of buildings was placed here and expanded upon, destroying everything in its path.

And, okay, I may have lied about my true feelings in the first sentence. I think cities are boring and mundane most of the time. There are exceptions, of course, but most cities I’ve visited are simply a faceless facade that covers a more beautiful interior of a country.

Travel Fatigue and How to Avoid It

It sounds ridiculous, right? Travel fatigue? I can already hear many people groaning and saying, “Oh, cry me a river. I’d love to travel as much as you get to!”

And, I don’t necessarily disagree. Full-time travelers are fortunate.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t negative aspects to this lifestyle. There are pros and cons to everything in life, and travel is no different.

Why Media Has It All Wrong: The Truth About “Dangerous Mexico”

A bunch of bad hombres, right? We’ve all heard what’s said about Mexico, at least in the United States.

Crime is rampant. The cartels control everything. It’s not a safe place to go. You shouldn’t leave your resort.

I heard and still hear all of this, often by people who haven’t even been to the country. And I think the same thing every time I listen to it.