travel experiences

What sense is the most important for travel?

If you could only experience travel through one sense, what would it be?

Let’s do an exercise. You’re going on a round-the-world trip, and you will only get one sense lens to experience it through. What’s it going to be?

Obviously, there are risks if you don’t have 4/5 of your senses, especially sight. However, this is hypothetical, and we’re going to remove all the risks that you could face as a result.

So, let’s enter the imagination station.

Travel More

I’ll never forget how nervous I was on January 7th, 2012. My stomach was doing more flips than the pancakes I had eaten that morning. My mind wouldn’t stop racing.

And there was no chance I was getting any sleep.

The next day, I would be heading to Barcelona, where I’d stay with a host family for the next few months while I spent a college term studying abroad.

It’d also be the first time I’d live somewhere that wasn’t within 15 minutes of a family member.

Fast forward almost 10 years, and I’m living in Thailand. And I can’t wait to travel more.