Trail Running vs. Road Running: Which is Better?

Who remembers when the debate of trail running vs. road running began? It’s older than the debate of Coke vs. Pepsi.

Both sides believe their form of running is the one proper way. But is one better than the other? Or do both offer their benefits that can help you as a runner?

Find out more below.

Arequipa in Peru: How to Travel in The White City

I stepped out of the airport after landing in Arequipa in Peru. I breathed in; the cool air filled my nostrils like standing in front of an air conditioner.

The air was thin and noticeably so. With each breath, my lungs only filled to about 80%. I gasped like Spongebob in Sandy’s Dome.

The Power of Habits: Simple Choices, Huge Results

Stop me if one of these is you:

1. You enjoy setting goals, but you have trouble following through on them.
2. You have big dreams, but haven’t seen a lot of progress.
3. Your problem isn’t finding the time; it’s keeping up the motivation.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.

I was just like you at one point. I’d set monumental goals for myself, then rarely follow through on them.

The Best of The Travel Runner in 2021

And there it is. The first “official” year of The Travel Runner has come and gone. Although The Travel Runner’s one-year anniversary won’t come until May, I wanted to take the time to show some of the most popular posts from the past year.

Why Every Traveler Should Escape the City and Hit the Trails

Cities are great, but there isn’t much like getting out of the tall buildings and chaos to see the natural side of a country. It’s these lesser-known parts that offer the most authentic side, in my opinion. You learn what the area was like before this massive grid of buildings was placed here and expanded upon, destroying everything in its path.

And, okay, I may have lied about my true feelings in the first sentence. I think cities are boring and mundane most of the time. There are exceptions, of course, but most cities I’ve visited are simply a faceless facade that covers a more beautiful interior of a country.

Travel Fatigue and How to Avoid It

It sounds ridiculous, right? Travel fatigue? I can already hear many people groaning and saying, “Oh, cry me a river. I’d love to travel as much as you get to!”

And, I don’t necessarily disagree. Full-time travelers are fortunate.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t negative aspects to this lifestyle. There are pros and cons to everything in life, and travel is no different.

9(ish) Apps for the Travel Runner

“There’s an app for that.” Who recalls this classic saying? Bonus points if you can remember where it came from without Googling it!

Apple coined this phrase with their commercial for the iPhone 3G in 2009. Apps were still new around that time, but today, they’re ubiquitous. Phones, tablets, computers, and even TVs are running apps.

Each year, the total number of app downloads increases by over 10 billion. In addition, as of early 2020, there were almost 9 million apps in the world. Coming from a person who has developed apps before (none I’m particularly proud of), much of them aren’t worth your time.

So, what apps benefit this lifestyle? You don’t have the time to sift through all those apps and find what works for you. But, apparently, I do. A fact that makes me unsure if I should be proud or ashamed. Regardless, let’s dive into the different apps for the Travel Runner.

Find the Cheap Flights

Find the Cheap Flights: 6 Ways to Discover a Bargain

Everyone wants to find the cheap flights, right? You scour the internet for hours, waiting to unearth that hidden gem that no one else finds. Usually, though, this isn’t exactly how it goes. You end up disappointed and frustrated.

How come you can’t find those incredible deals that you see everyone talking about online?

But, what if you can? What if all you had to do was make a few adjustments to your flight search process and you could save hundreds of dollars?

Running trails

Running Trails Near Me: The Best Guide to Find New Trails

Finding a running trail near you is probably one of the hardest things to do. The internet is full of garbage when it comes to finding a decent running route at your local park or in the mountains.

When I asked my followers how they found their way around running trails, I found out most of them relied on information from random blogs and websites. There had to be a better and simpler way to find great and enjoyable routes for runners.

Luckily, as I’ve traveled and searched endlessly for trails to run, I’ve discovered some handy apps/websites that make finding trails a breeze.