Sierre Zinal 2022 Results: Kenya Runners Dominate

The New York Marathon of Mountain Races has come and passed again. And it was an epic Sierre Zinal 2022 race.

For the fourth race of the Golden Trail Series (like the World Cup of trail running), the runners came out with solid performances.

Featuring new faces at the top and beautiful scenery the entire race (but this isn’t anything new, right?)

Let’s dive into what happened in this epic Sierre Zinal 2022!

Packable Running Shoes: How to Find a Pair for Your Trip

Staying fit while traveling is important for travelers. You’re sitting a lot, your sleep schedule may be off, so finding some regularity with exercise is crucial. But, fitting packable running shoes in your luggage can be difficult.

As carry-ons continue to shrink, fitting a pair of running shoes into a bag and other clothes becomes a deep investigation into what’s essential for you.

Running Uphill Technique Made Easy (And Why It Helps)

How do you run a hill effectively? Having proper running uphill technique is a fuzzy subject.

For beginning and experienced trail runners, mastering uphill trail running is like playing chess with AI.

As soon as you think you’ve beaten it, it surprises you with a checkmate. And you’re left with your hands on your knees, trying your best to keep your breakfast down.

Why is the Beginning of a Run the Hardest?: 4 Reasons Why

Your excitement for your run is through the roof. You put on your running gear, lace up your shoes, and head out the door.

For the first 10 minutes, you feel like you’re dragging an anchor. You check just to make sure you’re not. There isn’t one.

Then why is this so hard? Is something wrong with me?

Luckily, no, there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Beginning a Running Program: How To Start Running Today

New to running? Do you see these terms, plans, and workouts and don’t understand what they all mean? This is natural when beginning a running program.

You sometimes feel like you stepped into an advanced-level physics class when you should be in an intro to physical science.

So, let this serve as your introduction, and I’ll be your wonky professor.

Zegama 2022 Results: Kilian Jornet and Nienke Brinkman Dominate

What do you get when you mix the top trail runners in the world and northern Spain? Well, you get Zegama, of course.

In one of the deepest fields Zegama has ever seen, the athletes showed up and showed out for the spectators for the first time in two years after it was cancelled in 2020 and 2021.

With this deep of a field, everyone was eager to see how things would shake out, so let’s dive into what unfolded in the epic Zegama 2022 race and the first race of the 2022 Golden Trail Series.

Golden Trail Series 2022 Preview

It’s an exciting time as the Golden Trail Series returns in 2022. In under two weeks, the top trail runners in the world will toe the line at Zegama to kickstart this year’s edition.

Many of the top names from last year are back, and there is a train’s load of young talent out to prove themselves.

So, what will it be this year? Will the old guard hold on to their dominance, or will there be a newcomer’s face atop the podium this year?