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Why is the Beginning of a Run the Hardest?: 4 Reasons Why

Your excitement for your run is through the roof. You put on your running gear, lace up your shoes, and head out the door.

For the first 10 minutes, you feel like you’re dragging an anchor. You check just to make sure you’re not. There isn’t one.

Then why is this so hard? Is something wrong with me?

Luckily, no, there isn’t anything wrong with you.

Beginning a Running Program: How To Start Running Today

New to running? Do you see these terms, plans, and workouts and don’t understand what they all mean? This is natural when beginning a running program.

You sometimes feel like you stepped into an advanced-level physics class when you should be in an intro to physical science.

So, let this serve as your introduction, and I’ll be your wonky professor.

The Tortoise and the Hare: The Science of Training Slow

Well, a hare that won the race anyway. As runners, we’re always seeking those slight changes to our routine that will help us get massive results. I’m constantly searching the internet, reading, and listening to podcasts to learn how to run more efficiently.

Most people just want a quick solution. They don’t want to wait for the results to come years down the line. They’re our gains and we want them now!