The beautiful Peace Pagoda in Pokhara Nepal

Travel After Dark Chronicles: So They Call It the Peace Pagoda?

“I think we need to go this way,” I said as I pointed down a narrow street that ran parallel with the river.

We had been walking for about 45 minutes, unsure if we were still headed in the correct direction or if we were going to continue wandering aimlessly around this section of Pokhara.

We set out with the intention to hike to the Peace Pagoda. But if you can’t even find the start of the trail, how successful are you really going to be at navigating your way to the end?

Pokhara is a beautiful city, but getting food poisoning isn't so beautiful

Travel After Dark: Food Poisoning in Pokhara

“Man, this dhal bhat is delicious!” my girlfriend, Kaitlyn, said as she ate a large helping.

We were sitting in a small, local restaurant in Pokhara, Nepal, that had been recommended to us by a random man we met while we were in Vietnam.

I address him as a “random man” because we didn’t even take the time to get his name. But not getting someone’s name is no reason to turn down their restaurant recommendation.