Manik Mining Trail: The Best Hiking in Phuket Thailand

Phuket is full of things to do. There are world-class beaches, islands straight out of your favorite Youtube influencer’s videos, a vibrant Phuket Town, and countless markets filled with all types of food—even if some of it doesn’t look like it’d be food. However, the opportunities to experience the outdoors are easily overlooked. Enter the Manik Mining Trail.

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Phuket

Mention Phuket to people, and you’ll get two types of reactions. The seasoned traveler will roll their eyes while muttering, “Ugh, Phuket. It’s so touristy.”

Or, ask the standard tourist. Their face will light up as the stunning white-sand beaches, and azure waters fill up their mind. “Ugh, Phuket,” they say, “It is so dreamy. I want to visit.”

Yet, Phuket is much more than both of those things.