A Weekend on Holbox

It was mid-afternoon (I think), and I was on Michelada number four (I think).

But, keeping track of those things isn’t essential on Holbox (hole-bosh).

No, on Holbox, the only things that matter are the ebb and flow of the tides and which spot you’ll vegetate in today. Oh, and when your next Michelada will be coming. That’s pretty significant, too.

Dzibilchaltun: Famous Mayan Ruins You Should Visit Now

My girlfriend and I lived in Merida for about a month when a friend recommended visiting the Dzibilchaltún (zib-bee-chal-toon) ruins — the closest Mayan ruins to the city.

“It has a cenote you can swim in, so, even if you don’t like the ruins, that’s still fun,” he told us.

He was born and raised in Merida. So, I figured if anyone knew the hidden gems, it’d surely be him.

Why Media Has It All Wrong: The Truth About “Dangerous Mexico”

A bunch of bad hombres, right? We’ve all heard what’s said about Mexico, at least in the United States.

Crime is rampant. The cartels control everything. It’s not a safe place to go. You shouldn’t leave your resort.

I heard and still hear all of this, often by people who haven’t even been to the country. And I think the same thing every time I listen to it.