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Beginning a Running Program: How To Start Running Today

New to running? Do you see these terms, plans, and workouts and don’t understand what they all mean? This is natural when beginning a running program.

You sometimes feel like you stepped into an advanced-level physics class when you should be in an intro to physical science.

So, let this serve as your introduction, and I’ll be your wonky professor.

Common Questions from Beginner Runners

A fish out of water, that’s the easiest way to describe what I looked like when I began running. I had no idea how to manage my effort, how to properly train to improve, or what shoes to buy. Hell, I didn’t even know the distance of a marathon!

However, I’ve learned a few things over time and through many errors. I’m still learning until now, and I don’t believe you ever stop. However, I hear specific questions from my non-running friends who are eager to get into it. I figured now would be a good time to share some of the lessons I’ve learned from my screw-ups and mishaps, so I can help others.