Trail running and travel don’t seem like a normal pairing, right?

But the thing I quickly realized is that I learned so much about a country, its beauty, and the “off the beaten path” places thanks to trail running.

I interacted with people who weren’t used to seeing tourists (especially out in the middle of the woods on a random path). I got views and saw things most people never see if they aren’t willing to hike over a mile. And I came to appreciate countries in ways I never thought I would when I first started traveling.

That’s why I encourage everyone to hit the trails. It doesn’t have to be through trail running. Heck, half of trail running is hiking. But if you can, explore the lesser-seen sides of a country. People greet you differently. You see sights you can’t explain to people because most people don’t see them. There’s simply no better experience than visiting a new country and exploring the trails that weave and wind through its terrain.

But that’s just my opinion.

I’m assuming if you’re here, though, it’s yours as well. So, hopefully, these blog posts can help you on your own outdoor travel journey!

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