How to get a discount on airbnb

How to Get a Discount on Airbnb: 10 Tips to Save You Money

Do you know how to get a discount on Airbnb? Tips and tricks are waiting for you to use to get an Airbnb discount today. Come find them here.

As time goes by, it gets more difficult to find how to get a discount on Airbnb. 

You look, and more people than ever are searching “how to get a cheap Airbnb.” You start to wonder if Airbnb even offers money off anymore. When you look at the price of Airbnb, it sure doesn’t seem like it!

There are still ways to snag a better price, though. And in this post, I’ll show you how you’ll get half off Airbnb.

Did you say half?

Yes, half. If you do it right, reserving a stay for cheap is easy.

Soon enough, you’ll teach people how to get deals on Airbnb!

10 tips for how to get an Airbnb discount

1. Book a weekly Airbnb reservation for the Airbnb weekly discount

Airbnb promotion codes, Airbnb coupon codes, and Airbnb referral programs; remember those?

Or how about when you create a new account and get a discount within your first 30 days? Nice, right?

All were great ways how to get Airbnb cheaper. Then, Airbnb got rid of them.

Now that they’re gone, searching for an Airbnb deal has become even more challenging.

But here’s my first tip to make it possible.

Book a stay for longer instead of short stays (think 3-4 days). Many hosts give reduced rates if you book for a longer stay (7 days).

It’s guaranteed money for them. Why not lock down a stay for the long term?

So, it’s a win for you and the host. And you don’t even have to do anything besides clicking a few buttons.

Go to Airbnb and enter your details for a week or more extended stay.

When you’re searching for Airbnb properties on the Airbnb website, you’ll be able to find something like this:

Booking weekly stays is how to get a discount on airbnb

Not all hosts include lower weekly rates; some have better prices than others. So, check out different stays, and play around with the dates to find the best deals for the places you want to stay.

One thing to keep in mind is that the discount is automatically applied. So you don’t have to do anything to get it. And, if you commit to a stay and see a better rate, you can often cancel at least 30 days in advance or 48 hours after booking and get a full refund.

So, don’t stop searching once you found your Airbnb. Other prices may surprise you.

This technique has saved me hundreds of dollars on Airbnb in Albania, Shkoder, Ksamil, and near Theth National Park

So, when people ask does Airbnb offer discounts, I can only say, “Well, kind of.”

2. Book a monthly Airbnb reservation

Instead of a week-long stay, let’s do a month-long booking with Airbnb!

And it’s the same process for Airbnb how to grab a discounted rate for stays of 30 days or longer for a booking on Airbnb.

If you’re looking for long-term accommodation, your chances for savings massively increase.

Booking monthly stays is how to get a discount on airbnb

Again, it’s worth mixing the dates and lengths beyond a month is an excellent idea to see if there are other options. 

Each host has control of their pricing, so they decide on the price.

These are the stays I’m looking at most. So, I’m constantly mixing and matching dates and cities to find the best deals.

Booking an Airbnb for a month is my favorite way to find out how to get Airbnb for cheap.

3. Extend your Airbnb stay by a day or two

But if I extend my trip, won’t I pay more?

That’s how conventional thinking would go. But this is all a part of the magic of Airbnb and the chance to get a 50 percent discount! Extending your stay a day or two can capture significant savings using the tips above. Let’s look at an example:

Extending your trip is how to get a discount on airbnb

Okay, not terrible. 

But what if you extend your stay an additional day? Let’s see what your savings would be then:

Big savings on a monthly discount


Simply by extending for a day, you save $42! Yet, that’s only a small example.

Let’s imagine you’re planning your dream vacation to Rome, complete with all the gelato and pasta you can eat.

So, you head to your Airbnb account to see what you’ll find:

Rome has expensive airbnbs

Again, a reasonable price for a long stay in The Eternal City

But, you’d like some extra cash so you can maximize the activities you can do. Same principle applies here; let’s extend it by one day.

But monthly stays are how to get a discount on airbnb

Over $400 in savingsby extending one day! 

You dropped your nightly price from $72.14 to $57.46 for a 28-day stay.

Exciting stuff, right? Now, you probably won’t get this every time you search, but it shows it’s possible.

But there are still more savings to be had. So, don’t stop here 👇.

4. Look for an early bird discount

If you book an Airbnb for your trip early enough, you start snagging great Airbnb prices before anyone starts looking at the Airbnb listings!

Search months in advance, and look for the early bird discount like the one below:

The Early bird discount is how to get a discount on airbnb

While it may not be much, some hosts offer better discounts to secure a stay from someone. 

Even if it’s only $10, that’s a way to save some money on your cleaning and service fees.

5. Use Airbnb’s plus/minus feature

Have flexible trip dates? 

The plus/minus feature allows you to play with the dates of your trip. If you don’t have set dates, you can check ±1, ±2, ±3, or ±7 days before or after your selected dates.

For example, let’s say you want to go on a cheaper European trip. You want to head to Barcelona to see La Sagrada Família and the famed Gaudi works. So, you head to Airbnb to check the prices.

You know you would like to go sometime in March or April. It’s starting to warm up at that time (and you want to take a day to go to an FC Barcelona match).

You punch in some dates — March 27th to April 3rd.

Use the plus/minus for dates in your search

You choose the ±7 days option to see what pops up. After all, your schedule’s flexible. More options are better. So, you see this:

Varied dates can save you money

The search now provides you with even more options for finding a stay. You’ll have a range of dates between March 20th and April 10th. 

All around the trip length you chose.

Two dates are similar in the example above, but you’ll see the tiny “More” tab attached. If you play around with the dates, you’ll see similar prices.

Airbnb’s search engine makes finding discounts easy.

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6. Book a last-minute Airbnb

Only do this if you have a fallback option for your accommodation. 

But, by waiting, you can save yourself some cash each night.

As the date nears, hosts lower listing prices to attract customers. Simple supply and demand explain this. And this is your chance to grab a discount on a higher-priced stay.

This method won’t work for every Airbnb. 

It’s not listed in the terms and conditions anywhere. It is up to the host to drop their price. But, when they do, the savings can be significant.

You see these discounts a month or so out, but it’s more effective if you search for dates within a week or two.

I’ve personally used this stay in places like Hoi An in Vietnam and Koh Yao Yai in Thailand.

As you search, keep your eyes out for prices like this:

Last minute airbnbs are how to get a discount on airbnb

Again, these are nightly prices. So, you’re not saving $10 or $20 total; you’re saving $10 or $20 every night. That adds up fast.

7. Ask the Airbnb host for a discount

The first thing many people wonder is, “Can you ask for a discount on Airbnb?”

The short answer: yes.

Many travelers ask for a discounted rate. After all, you miss 100% of the discounts off the price of an item you don’t ask for, right?

And all it takes is contacting the host for an Airbnb special offer, and they’ll often give a special discount. Then, you can start negotiating. You should do this in a very polite way. Don’t expect a discount simply because you ask. If the host agrees, they’re graciously giving you a discount.

If the host doesn’t want to offer a special rate, then that’s it.

Friends made along the way through Airbnb

You can always look to rent an Airbnb that doesn’t have reviews yet, too. A new Airbnb host would be more interested in securing their first Airbnb stay, so it’s worth a shot! They may even give you a discount on your next booking!

Just know that when you contact Airbnb hosts, they’re under no obligation to give you a discount.

8. Find a discounted Airbnb gift card

This method will be a bit trickier and require more effort.

Occasionally, stores run sales on Airbnb gift cards; if you can snag one at a discount, that’s big money saved.

For example, you save a few bucks if you buy a gift card through Sam’s Club. The $50 gift card sells for $48.48. But you can buy the $500 for $484.80.

Gift cards can be snagged at a discounted rate and used for Airbnb

While it’s not enormous savings, you can discover much better offers. Just keep your eye out and check the most popular retail chains (especially around the holidays).

9. Use a credit card with bonus points for Airbnb

Loads of credit cards offer 2x or even 3x bonus points for various purchases (including Airbnb stays).

So, why not use these points to your advantage?

For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card gives you a $300 annual travel credit. Know what you can do with this credit?

Put it toward your Airbnb vacation!

Chase Sapphire is one of many options, though. Capital One Venture, Chase Sapphire Preferred, American Express Green Card, and many more.

Credit cards are an excellent way to earn points for Airbnb stays

You can even use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card to earn gift cards and earn an Airbnb discount!

The rewards are waiting for you. You just have to know how to play the game. The Points Guy is an excellent resource who dives deeper into the subject in this post.

10. Travel with more people

This tip may seem like a silly method.

But this discount works, and you can still grab a “special offer” on your stay.

For example, let’s look at this stay in Tokyo. Whether you put in one or two guests, the price doesn’t change.

I don’t know about you, but paying $376 for a week’s stay sounds much better than $752.

A one-person booking in Tokyo

A two-person booking in Tokyo

The same is true for other areas as well. Some stays will increase in price with more people, but usually, the price isn’t much.

So, you ultimately save cash!

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How to Get a Discount on Airbnb Recap

  1. Book a week-long stay. Airbnb and its hosts offer discounts for more extended stays. Search for week-long holidays, and narrow down hosts who offer them to save a bit of cash.
  2. Book a month-long stay. Like weekly stays, you’re bound to save yourself a bit of money if you stay for a month. Plug in various dates, and check out the discounts hosts are offering. The percentages vary, so dig deep (for weekly or monthly discounts).
  3. Extend your trip by a day or two. You can score a significant discount by extending your trip using the above tricks. With this method, you’ll see up to 40-50% savings on vacation homes!
  4. Early Bird discount. Grabbing a stay far enough in advance can save money by looking early on the booking platform. Keep an eye out for the “Early Bird” tag when looking at the pricing breakdown.
  5. Plus/Minus feature. When selecting your dates, use the plus/minus feature at the bottom to look at dates one, two, three, or seven days before and after your selected dates.
  6. Last-minute Airbnbs. Hosts want customers. As time passes without a visitor, a host may decide to slash the price to secure a stay.
  7. Ask the Airbnb host for a better offer. Before your stay, try sending the host a quick message asking for a discount. Often, the hosts will be happy to secure a guaranteed stay.
  8. Find a discounted Airbnb gift card. Retail stores run sales year-round, and occasionally gift cards are included. Keep your eyes out and snag one at a better rate.
  9. Use a credit card with bonus points for Airbnb. Credit cards offer many bonuses, including bonus points for purchases you make. Many times you can use these toward Airbnb!
  10. Travel with more people. Simple, right? But, if you travel with more people, the price rarely increases, and you split the cost amongst more people. Win-win!

Airbnb Discount FAQs

How do I get an Airbnb discount after booking?

The only way to get an Airbnb discount after you’ve booked is if the host agrees to give you a discount.

While they can’t send you a special offer anymore, they can adjust the details of the reservation. And once you accept, you’ll be refunded your money.

Does Airbnb do discount codes?

Most of Airbnb’s discount and coupon codes are for new customers only.

Existing customers can find a discount using the tips listed above.

Does Airbnb get cheaper closer to the date?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Often, many hosts will drop their prices to get a booking. However, it’s up to the host. If you keep your eye out, you’ll see the prices of many stays start dropping as the date nears.

Do Airbnb prices go up the more you look?

No, Airbnb doesn’t have any tracking to increase the price the more often you look.

The hosts set the pricing, which can be changed as they wish. Airbnb just receives a percentage.

How do I save the most on Airbnb?

The best way to get the largest savings on Airbnb is by booking month-long stays.

Hosts give HUGE discounts on any booking they can get for a month or longer. So, book a long stay if you want to save a lot of cash.

Can Airbnb raise the price after booking?

No, once you’ve booked your Airbnb and agreed to a price with the host, the price is set.

No one can adjust the price unless it’s agreed upon by both parties.

What are Airbnb cleaning fees?

Airbnb cleaning fees are what the host charges to come in the room, clean, disinfect, and meet the hygiene protocols from Airbnb.

This could be money they spend to clean the room personally or pay for a service.

However, some of that price is passed to you.

Why does Airbnb charge more for 2 guests?

Airbnb doesn’t charge more for 2 guests. Your host does.

And also, because it’s more people staying in the room. More utilities are used when there is a second person.

Also, you see this same practice at a hotel typically.

Is it rude to ask for a discount on Airbnb?

Not at all!

The only thing that can be rude is the way you ask for a discount. As long as you are respectful and kind, the worst a host will say is no.

And then you’re in the boat you already started in! So, it’s worth a shot to try.

Ready to get an excellent new Airbnb with these offer tips?

Snagging all types of discounts on an Airbnb can be challenging, but it’s always worth it. 

However, if you use these tips consistently, you’ll begin to discover far more hidden offers than before. And you don’t even need an Airbnb promo code to get an Airbnb half-off.

The moment I start planning a trip, I always check Airbnb first. (Then, before I know it, I’m on the checkout page 😅)

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you score a HUGE discount on your next Airbnb. Be sure to share this with family and friends so they have the latest tips! After all, who doesn’t want to learn how to get money off Airbnb?

Now that you’ve found your Airbnb, it’s time to learn how to fold your clothes to get maximum space in your bag!

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Traveling has never been easier than now.

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