How to Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere

Best Guide on How To Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere

Sometimes you want to travel without a destination in mind. You don’t know where you want to go, but you know you need a trip. How to find cheap flights to anywhere, though?

Is that possible?

It is, and it’s relatively easy.

This post will show you exactly how to search for flights anywhere. But, the ultimate goal is to show you how to find the cheapest flights to anywhere.

Let’s get into it.

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How to find super cheap flights to anywhere

You have multiple flight search engines you can use. Still, only a couple make it extremely easy to find cheap trips anywhere: Google Flights and Skyscanner.

So, I’ll break down how to do this using both websites.

How to find cheap airfare anywhere with Skyscanner

Skyscanner makes this process extremely simple and quickly searches budget airlines for the best flight deals.

First, head to Skyscanner’s website. Type in your departure point in the search tool if it’s not filled in already.

Skyscanner is perfect for how to find cheap flights to anywhere

Next, click on the To field. A small box will show up saying, “Can’t decide anywhere? Click here to search everywhere.” Click this box.

Next, you can set specific dates. Or, you can take it a step further.

Click on the Depart box, and you’ll see the “Cheapest Month” option at the top. Select this, and do the same for the Return field.

Select your departure airport, then choose everywhere in the To field

This feature will search every flight leaving your departure airport in the next few months and tell you exactly where you can go for the lowest price.

They even sort it by state (if in the US) and country to make it easier!

Skyscanner groups the options by state or country

You can continue to adjust the options, too. Search nearby airports, change from a round trip to one way, or choose a different departure city and final destination (if necessary).

Keep searching until you find the fares you want, then book those flight tickets immediately!

Skyscanner is my favorite option for finding great deals when searching for flights anywhere and is one of the best tools for travel hacks.

Traveling has never been easier than now.

Traveling has never been easier than now.

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How to find cheap airline tickets to anywhere with Google Flights

For Google Flights, the process is a bit similar. To start, head to the Google Flights homepage.

Next, click the menu in the top left instead of searching and select Explore.

Google Flights is another search engine that is perfect for how to find the cheapest flights to anywhere

Now, type in your destination if it isn’t filled in already and leave the Where to? field blank. Below, you can select specific dates or choose flexible dates.

The Google Flights map feature gives you a quick view to find trips anywhere

You can also search for different trip times: weekends, a week, two weeks, and more.

Choose your trip length or timeframe

Last, on the map, zoom out and scroll around different world areas. Flight prices will pop up on the map, and the cheapest options will show on the left-hand side.

If you're wondering how to find the cheapest flights to anywhere, Google Fllghts map feature makes it easy.

You can continue to changing the options like on Skyscanner to find a flight that works for you. Also, you can fill in the depart and return if you’re looking for more specific destinations.

Plus, you can see your aircraft/airplane, so you know how much room you’ll have in your seat beforehand.

People ask, “How can I find the lowest fare possible?”

And my answer is to check this page on Google Flights consistently.

How do I find the cheapest flights every time?

Finding the cheapest flights every time requires a lot of work. You’re constantly checking websites, subscribing to email lists, and more.

But, there are some general rules to follow to make sure you get the best deal every time:

Check the best travel websites

I listed two of the best above. But, there are a ton of websites and apps that cover the cheapest flights.

Some of the top options include:

  • Scott’s Cheap Flights
  • Momondo
  • Google Flights
  • Skyscanner
  • Kiwi
  • Secret Flying
  • Hopper app

These are just a few of the options available. But, if you use a few of these, you’ll cover most of your bases.

Check multiple websites every time and cross-reference the best deals. Sometimes Google will show a flight as $600+, whereas Skyscanner shows it for under $400.

Use these tools to your advantage.

Subscribe to email lists

Entire websites and email lists are dedicated to finding the best deals. These services employ people whose only job is to scour the web for the best flight deals, which saves you time.

So, let them do the work and send the deals to your inbox.

Some options, like Scott’s Cheap Flights, even let you set departure airports to get deals specific to that airport.

Now that’s making your flight finding easy!

Secret Flying is another website for finding cheap flights. Keep an eye out for their error fares and jump at them quickly.

You can find absolute steals for flight deals if you can snag an error fare.

Look for linking flights

Sometimes it’s not best to put in your departure and destination airport and limit it. Some cities have multiple airports or transportation options. 

Or, even better, it’s sometimes cheaper to fly into a nearby city than take transportation to your destination city.

This can even happen with flights. I’ve seen flights from the US to Paris cost $600+. But, if I put in a nearby airport, like Rome, the price dropped, and I could snag a European budget flight to Paris for a cheap Europe trip.

So, be sure to check multiple airports and check other forms of transportation. You can save a lot of money by following this rule.

Ready to search for flights to anywhere?

How to search for flights anywhere is the easy part. It’s finding the deals and taking advantage of them that becomes difficult.

However, the two tools listed above will make your job a lot easier.

Plus, with the additional tips, you can ensure you’re getting the best deal on the web. And we didn’t even talk about taking advantage of travel credit cards.

So, now that you’ve got your cheap flight. What about finding a cheap Airbnb?

Where are you headed? A visit to Peru, Machu Picchu, and Palcoyo Mountain? Or maybe you’re headed to Rome and wondering how many days is enough?

Let me know in the comments 👇!