Hopper App Review

Hopper App Review: Is It Legit for Cheap Flights

The Hopper app is an app that is famous among travelers for notifying them of travel deals. But is the Hopper app legit? Check out this Hopper app review.

Finding cheap flights used to be something only accredited travel agencies could do.

Nowadays, you basically have travel agents in your pocket.

And the Hopper app is one of them.

It claims to help you find the best deals on flights and hotels. But is it legit for finding flights?

I’ll cover all that and more in this Hopper review, where we’ll look at Hopper and its offers. 

Let’s get started.

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What is the Hopper app?

Hopper is an app made for budget flyers.

Hopper is available for iOS and Android devices, which makes it super convenient for people.

The app is designed to help Hopper users easily find and book flights (and hotels). It uses data and algorithms to predict flight prices. And that means more money in your pocket!

How much money, you ask?

Hopper App Review

Well, the company claims users can save up to 40% compared to booking directly with the airline.

However, this will vary depending on your search criteria.

The app is user-friendly, and it’s easy to search for flights, compare prices, and book your trip. Plus, it has hundreds of airlines and flights to choose from. So you get ALL the deals, not just some of them.

Also, it has other great features like price alerts, customizable searches, and user reviews (but we’ll get into the features in a moment.)

So you can book your flight knowing you’re finding the best fare via the app.

And don’t just believe me. Believe the millions of people who have downloaded and reviewed the app!

So, let’s learn a bit more about how it finds flights.

How does Hopper work for finding cheap flights?

The answer is magic.

Okay, actually, the answer is super advanced data analysis and algorithms.

Basically, it takes into factor:

  • Historical pricing trends
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Demand
  • And more

Using all of this information, it makes predictions about future flight prices with 95 percent accuracy. That’s their claim, not mine. But if it’s true, that’s a pretty accurate prediction.

Will they go up in price? Go down? And when will all of this happen?

Hopper predicts all of it and then makes recommendations based on the data. Plus, it considers the user’s travel dates, preferences, and more to make personal recommendations.

Last, it scans flights to give you the largest range of pricing options.

This sounds like it would take a long time, but it happens in a few seconds.

And then it shows you it all in an easy-to-understand calendar format:

Hopper Calendar View

Green means it’s cheap for those dates.

Yellow means it’s mid-range.

Orange means mid-high.

Red means high.

Who knew something so complicated could be so simple for us users.

So, now that you know how it works, let’s dive into some of the top features.

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What are the top features of Hopper?

I’ve already listed a few of the top features above.

But, believe it or not, it offers even more. Here are some of the top that people love:

Price freeze

The Price Freeze feature is amazing. 

It allows you to lock in a fare — without booking the flight. If you’re unsure if you want to book, you can “freeze” the fare to give yourself time to think.

Just put down a small deposit.

Price Freeze feature

Then you get 24 hours to think it through, and then take the flight or just let it go.

You’ll lose your deposit, so you should use this option sparingly.

Hopper hotel & car reservations

Yup, that’s right.

Hopper is a full-on travel app now. Find flight deals, hotel deals, and rental car deals in one place.

Hopper hotels and cars

And it’s an effective tool. Hoping to rival Expedia, Skyscanner, and other websites, it does a great job of searching for hotels and allowing you to book them easily.

If you’re already saving money on flights, why not save on other travel expenses, too?

Carrot Cash

Carrot Cash is a rewards program Hopper offers.

When you book flights through the app, you earn Carrot Cash. Then, use this money to book future flights in the app.

Carrot Cash

But it’s not always a small amount. You can get anywhere from $5-$50 per flight, depending on the flight ticket price. And that cash goes straight into your Hopper account.

And, for travelers, there’s nothing better than earning cash towards future hotels and flights while paying for today’s hotels and flights.

Carrot Cash matching

Know that Carrot Cash I just mentioned?

Well, if you load cash into your wallet, they’ll match what you put in with Carrot Cash.

Carrot Cash Matching

So if you wanted to load in $20 for a flight, it’s now $40 off!

How about that for a deal?

Daily Gift & Limited Time Deals

All you have to do is log in and click a button.

Then they give you free money. Starting at $0.20 and working its way up, this is an incredibly easy way to save some money on your next flight.

And from the same menu, you can check out some amazing deals!

Daily Limited Time Deals

Get $40 off a flight and hotel to Nashville. $60 off a flight to Los Angeles.

It switches every day and lasts only a bit, so check!

Hopper Homes

Tired of a hotel? Then Hopper Homes is for you.

It’s basically Hopper’s version of Airbnb, except slightly different. But you can easily find an apartment, villa, cottage, and more within the app.

Hopper Homes

And, hey, you can get 10% Carrot Cashback on every home you book!

So, not too shabby of an app, right?

Next, I’ll highlight the pros and cons of using the app, starting with the pros.

Benefits of Using Hopper

Benefits of using the Hopper App

Prices are generally accurate 

As I detailed, Hopper uses advanced algorithms and data to predict prices.

And, generally speaking, it works.

The price predictions are fairly accurate, though not always. I’ve seen flights that didn’t come close to the predicted price drop. But I’ve also seen flights falling below what they predicted.

For example, I tracked a predicted $90 roundtrip ticket from Pittsburgh to Denver.

It eventually fell to $40, one of the best deals I think I’ll find on Hopper.

So, if you are using it regularly and do your research, you’ll find some AMAZING deals using this app.

Many flights to choose from

Almost every airline you can think of is in this app.

Whether domestic or international, you’re bound to find the top options while searching.

They’re all here: Delta, American, Lufthansa, Emirates, or Singapore Airlines.

And that means you get a larger selection to ensure you secure the cheapest flight.

Saves a ton of time

Do you remember the old way of searching?

Visit one airline, check their prices, visit another airline, and compare. Then repeat over and over again until you find the best deal.

But not anymore.

Instead, Hopper’s search aggregator compiles it into one easy-to-view list.

That way, you can spend your time on important things, like packing!

Easy price alerts

Found the potential deal of a lifetime and don’t want to lose it?

Easy. Just set up a price alert, and Hopper will notify you the minute it changes.

It’ll even let you know what it’s expected to do as it updates within the app!

So if the cheapest price date changes, you’ll also know that!

And, if you’re traveling with a friend, you can share it with them so you both can watch it.

Customizable search criteria

Our flight requirements can be as unique as our fingerprints.

And you need a flight search engine that can adapt to those needs.

Departure and arrival dates, number of travelers, and more make it easy to search for your unique situation.

Customer support

Contacting Hopper customer service is a 24/7 deal.

Whether it’s a refund, issue, or something else, contact customer service, and they’re ready to help.

And that means you can get back to finding more cheap Hopper flights.

Cons of Using Hopper

Cons of the Hopper App

Limited options for some flights

Even though they have access to most flights, they don’t have all of them.

And that means (depending on your dates and criteria), you may have limited options to choose from.

While this doesn’t happen often, the app won’t always save you money.

Additional fees

This isn’t so much Hopper’s fault but more the airline.

But some flights booked through Hopper may have hidden fees. Whether it’s extra flight or baggage fees, you won’t know until you’re about to check out.

And it’s not fun when you’re ready to book a flight and the price increases by $80.

This is a large reason many people call Hopper a “scam company.” However, this is out of Hopper’s control.

Dependence on technology

No matter what way you put it, they’re just predictions in the end.

You can find a predicted price to Beijing from Miami that’s predicted to drop to $50. But that doesn’t mean it will.

While the app seems to do a good job of getting it right, it’s still just an estimation based on an algorithm.

So, be sure to do your research and check other sources.

No flexibility for changing plans

Once you purchase a flight or hotel, you’re locked into the refund policy of the airlines or hotels.

So that may mean a strict cancellation (or no cancellation).

However, this isn’t any different than if you were booking elsewhere.

But it’s still something to be aware of.

Is Hopper worth using?

Overall, the answer is a definite yes.

Hopper’s algorithms and price prediction are incredible tools for someone who wishes to travel. Although hopper doesn’t get it right 100% of the time, what does?

The app works well for what you need it to do, and Hopper makes improvements constantly.

So, if you’re wondering, “Is the Hopper app trustworthy?”

It’s a yes from me (and millions of others).

How to use the Hopper app to find flights

It’s a pretty simple process to get started.

And just about anyone can do it. So, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the Hopper App. You can download the app from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account. Hopper will ask for a phone number, name, and email address to register.
  3. Enter your travel details. In the user settings screen, enter your travel details. Your name, birthdate, gender, Frequent Flyer details, and more. You can also set up additional travelers.
  4. Search for flights. Tap the Flights on the home screen to start the search process. Choose roundtrip, one-way, or multi-city to start. Then, search the months based on the green, yellow, orange, and red dates.
  5. Compare prices and airlines. Compare the prices and airlines for each flight by clicking View Flights. You can see detailed information, including flight times, layovers, etc.
  6. Choose a flight. When you’ve found a flight that meets your needs, tap the price button to choose it.
  7. Book your flight. Provide your payment information and complete the booking process to book your flight.
  8. Receive confirmation. Once your booking is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email, a receipt, and information about your flight.
  9. Check your flight status. Just because you booked doesn’t mean you’re done with the app. Use the Hopper App to check the status of your flight, view your itinerary, and get notifications about your flight.

Then it just comes down to you enjoying your trip! And that’s the easy part, right?

Hopper App FAQs

1. What kinds of travel can Hopper help me book?

Hopper helps book flights, hotels, and car rentals through the app.

2. Does Hopper guarantee you the best price?

While Hopper doesn’t guarantee the best price, it uses real-time price tracking algorithms and historical price data to help find the best prices for your travel dates.

3. Does Hopper offer discounts on flights?

Yes, Hopper offers exclusive discounts and flight deals to premium destinations.

And, through their Daily Rewards, you can find even better discounts if you check daily!

4. Can I track my flight in the Hopper app?

Yes, Hopper can give you real-time updates on your flight status, as well as email and push notifications if you have them set up.

5. Does the Hopper app support multiple currencies?

Yes, Hopper supports multiple currencies to make it easier for you to book — no matter where you are in the world.

Is Hopper legit? Yes, it is!

So, the Hopper app is definitely legit.

And it’s one of the best tools to find great deals on flights and hotels.

With reliable pricing, discounts, rewards, and excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong.

And with millions of travelers worldwide already using it, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best price.

Speaking of the best price, you may be interested in other services like Scott’s Cheap Flights (or some SCF alternatives) and Skyscanner!

So why not try it? Hop on to the app and let Hopper do the hard work for you.


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